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Laurel wreath embroidered hand towel set

Custom Embroidered Hand Towel Set for Weddings, Couples, and Anniversaries




Celebrate love and special occasions with our Custom Embroidered Hand Towel. This exquisite hand towel is the perfect gift for weddings, couples, and anniversaries. It features the initials of the couple's names surrounded by a beautifully embroidered laurel wreath design. The hand towels are carefully wrapped in cellophane and tied with a coordinating ribbon, adding an extra touch of elegance to your gift.




-Two Hand Towels 50x90cm: The hand towels are custom embroidered with the initials of the couple and their wedding date. The intricate wreath design adds a touch of elegance and romance, making it a meaningful keepsake.


Also available as bath towels, size 70x140cm for 46 euros.


Gift Packaging:


To ensure a beautiful presentation, each custom embroidered hand towels are delicately wrapped in cellophane. This not only protects the towel but also showcases its exquisite design. The package is finished with a coordinating ribbon, making it ready to be gifted on special occasions.


Please Note:

- Machine washable for easy care.


Order now to provide a cherished keepsake that will remind the couple of their special day for years to come.

Laurel wreath embroidered hand towel set

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