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Embroidered Portait

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Title: Custom Embroidered Portrait in Grey Threads | Square White Frame | Transform Your Photo into Beautiful Embroidery


Transform your cherished portrait into a stunning work of art with our custom embroidered portraits. Using high-quality grey threads, we recreate your photo through the intricate art of embroidery. Each piece is expertly crafted and presented in a square white frame, adding a touch of elegance to your personalized artwork.

How it works:

1. Send us a clear picture of your portrait.

2. Our skilled artisans will translate the image into a beautiful embroidery using grey threads. Secind image for an idea of how it will look.

3. We carefully frame the embroidered artwork in a square white frame for a polished presentation.

4. Your unique custom embroidered portrait will be ready to be displayed and cherished for years to come.


- High-quality custom embroidery using grey threads.

- Clear and detailed reproduction of your portrait.

- Square white frame for an elegant presentation.

- Personalized and unique artwork tailored to your photo.

- Perfect as a heartfelt gift or a beautiful addition to your home decor.

- Fast turnaround time and secure shipping.

Capture the essence of your loved ones or preserve a memorable moment in a truly special way with our custom embroidered portraits. Order now and experience the artistry and craftsmanship that will bring your photo to life in stunning embroidery.

Please note: Due to the personalized nature of our service, we require clear photos for accurate reproduction.

Embroidered Portait


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